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Interactive Content.

Audience Engagement.

Community Building.

Our brand design philosophy is built around an innovative mix of traditional written text, graphics, photography, video and a new element –Apps to in­troduce a new form of storytelling to the world. Apps related to a specific story, feature, article, or subject matter integrated within a story’s content helps illustrate and convey specific attitude of that editorial and make each story infinitely more engaging.

Each brand take full advantage of the mobile-tech platform represented by tablet devices and delivers original quality content through beautiful digital experiences that build communities, drive commerce and engage readers. And, this curated collection of brand properties offers unique integration opportunities for advertisers.


Digital MagazineThe premise of GRAND STYLE is simple: to celebrate the accomplishments and lifestyle of outstanding people of color from all facets of society in both words and images with style, grace and dignity, while at the same time providing insight into their motivation, personal philosophy and individual journey.

GRAND STYLE focuses on success and inspiring success and serves as an inspiration to all people of color daily lives. Its mission is to inform, educate, motivate, empower and entertain people of color to be their best in myriad ways.

Audience Reach:

  • 15 million
  • Audience Appeal:

  • Aspires to want more out of life and is assured with strong family values
  • Enjoys comfortable lifestyle where culture and fine living reflect personal and professional achievement


Digital Magazine Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pal around with Robert Redford or Paul McCartney in in their kitchens, as they share their favorite dishes, recipes, and secret plans for upcoming projects? CelebrityChef transforms the conventional definition of what a “celebrity chef” is into something far more delicious. Readers visit some of the most amazing kitchens as they get to know some of their favorite celebrities of all time. Coverage is rounded out with kitchen design & gadgets — and cooking lessons, tips and recipes from actual celebrity chefs

Audience Reach:

  • TBD

Audience Appeal:

  • Everyone is curious about how celebrities live and entertain; many aspire to emulate the celebrity lifestyle in their own lives
  • Expected to appeal to those who aspire to elevate themselves from “cook of the house” to “chef of the house”