Market Opportunity

Mobile Technology.
Deliberate Interaction.
Focused Content.

The rise of tablet devices and continuous growth of smartphones is driving Americans to consume more content than ever from the palm of their hands. More than 31% of mobile users are getting the majority of their news on mobile devices. Mobile technology now empowers consumers beyond communication in three ways: consuming media, evolving the shopping experience, and effectively blending work and home life.

Consumers want high-quality, original and exclusive content, delivered in a superior format to mobile devices. And marketers want the opportunity to reach niche audiences in a superior digital environment also on mobile devices. T-ZINE MEDIA represents a new business model for digital publishing and media that makes all this possible.

T-ZINE MEDIA sees a wide-open field of opportunity for tablet-based publications, and the genesis of each publication will come from a variety of strategic approaches and partnerships designed to capture audiences quickly and decisively, as detailed below.

Mainstream/under-served segments

An example is the pet industry. The Humane Society reports 77.5 million U.S. households own at least one dog and 93.6 million homes own at least one cat. Spending on those pets last year amounted to $47.7 billion. Yet, two top-selling print magazines serving these segments capture only 400,000 subscribers, or roughly 0.2% of this highly lucrative market. Our MY DOG digital publication concept will capture a far more aggressive share of the pet market.

Minority/under-served segments

We have our first African American President and this segment, as a whole, is enjoying unprecedented new influence and power in our society. Yet, very few publications specifically address this audience and court their enormous economic power.

Special/vertical interests

Americans with hobbies and special interests are fiercely loyal readers that number in the millions. T-ZINE MEDIA intends to use greater efficiencies, membership-based benefits, and immersive modes of storytelling to capture many special and vertical markets. We plan to team with thought leaders and others who can bring instant, sizable audiences to the launches.


One of the quickest ways to gain audience is to collaborate up with a popular celebrity who already has a platform. Celebrity-sponsored publications have great appeal, and with the right celebrity partner almost ensures a fast way of reaching a large audience. A perfect example of this approach would be to launch “ELLEN” magazine, published in partnership with Ellen DeGeneres and tied tightly to her show.