Our Mission

Enhanced Storytelling.

Empowering Engagement.

Building Communities.

Our vision is to shape the future of publishing and enable people to join the publishing revolution. We aim to be a fresh, revitalized voice in contemporary media and publishing—one that welcomes collaboration, stimulates awareness, and engages, entertains, inspires, and enhances the lives of people. We seek to lead the transformation of the media, publishing and marketing industries because we are at the forefront of new technology and innovation that provides enduring lifelong member relationships. This is done by creating quality content that is informative, useful and deeply engaging beyond expectations. This provides marketers with an exceptional way of promoting their products and services that accelerates sales, increases revenue, and drives ROI. We proactively identify and develop strategic partnerships and relationships to enhance content and services and build an unrivaled platform that delivers.

T-ZINE MEDIA sees the future of publishing one story at a time. Every one of our publications has its distinctive character, which makes it something very personal for every reader. We’re a motivated group with an insatiable thirst for achievement and focused on driving growth in imaginable ways.

Our Approach:

  1. Create broad variety of niche interactive publications that serve well-defined readers and markets, and deliver the messages of marketers through our interactive engaging content.
  2. Build communities and enduring lifelong member relationships through the development of quality, progressive lifestyle digital publications that drive purposeful conversations.
  3. Drive revenue, but also deliver positive social impact through cause-marketing initiatives that build community-based relationships and brand equity.
  4. Provide marketers with a robust suite of interactive advertising innovations that accelerate sales, increase revenue, and drive ROI.
  5. Provide investors and stakeholders with superior return on investments by taking full advantage of tablet devices’ functionality, uniqueness, and newness.